Patient Titans will need pace for Moss

My first question about Randy Moss as a Titan was: Will Jeff Fisher be able to handle him?

My second is: How long does Moss last with his fourth team in his fifth fresh start?

The presumption when he got (back) to Minnesota was he’d fall in line for a good while, give things a chance to work as he restored his name and to make the people who stuck their necks out for him, Brad Childress and Brett Favre, look good.

He lasted all of four games before Childress made the decision to concede a mistake and classified Moss as “a programmatic non-fit.”

The Titans have a far more functional organization right now than the Vikings do. Moss should fare better in a setting with a more established coach and a franchise that, having sacrificed nothing to get him, could cut him quickly with little backlash if it’s clear things won’t work.

Still, an egg timer gets flipped here.

How long does Moss give the Titans to feed him the way he needs to eat -- both on the field, and at the team buffet?

They have a bye this week and play at Miami on Nov. 14 before hosting Washington on Nov. 21 and then playing three in a row in the AFC South at Houston and against Jacksonville and Indianapolis.

If offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger and quarterback Vince Young can’t get the ball to Moss against the Dolphins or the Redskins, does the receiver remain eager to work for them against the Texans?

If Chris Johnson breaks a cut-back run, will Moss be downfield blocking as the Titans expect their receivers to do, or will he have taken a play off and actually cost the offense potential yards?

Will he be in the locker room after those games to answer questions about any issues like every guy on Fisher’s team is after every game? Or will all those other guys be left to talk about him?

To ensure the Titans don’t have to race against that egg timer, Heimerdinger would be wise to draw up a very determined game plan for the Dolphins game. I don’t think dictating double-teams for Moss and then taking what Miami’s defense is willing to give will suffice.

To get things moving in the right direction as quickly as possible, I’d force-feed.

Quick screens, medium crosses, red zone fades, deep balls, jump balls. Force the issue and Moss is a lot more likely to get on board and stay on board. Show the organization's traditional patience, and hold your breath.

An egg timer and an hourglass are the same thing on a different scale.

Think about sands through the hourglass, and you know what soap opera follows.