Is Troy Polamalu on to something?

Troy Polamalu is not a big talker. But when the Pittsburgh Steelers' do-it-all safety speaks it's usually with a purpose, as Polamalu is one of the NFL's most thoughtful players.

Furthermore, Polamalu's suggestion this week of adding a governing body to regulate fines is one of the most intelligent ideas I've heard all year.

Many will highlight Polamalu "ripping" NFL commissioner Roger Goodell by saying he has too much power. But Polamalu didn't take a jab without offering a solution, which should be the focal point.

"There needs to be some type of separation of power, like our government," Polamalu said. "I don't think it should be based totally on what two or three people may say that are totally away from the game. It should be some of the players that are currently playing."

There's a select few that impact the lives of many in the NFL. That's not how democracy works in America. Why should it be different for America's most popular sport?

Polamalu was sticking up for Steelers teammate James Harrison, who was fined another $20,000 for his hit on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Harrison has been fined a total of $100,000 this year, proving it's much cheaper to play offense in the NFL.

The league is handing out excessive fines this season because a small, yet powerful group -- led by Goodell and NFL vice president Ray Anderson -- decided as much for more than 1,600 players.

Will Goodell relent some of that power by creating an independent governing body to monitor fines in the future? I don't see it. But it doesn't mean Polamalu's idea isn't a good one.