Determined Edwards faces tough road

Posted by ESPN.com's` Bill Williamson

Chris Mortensen's report on ESPN.com that Kansas City coach Herman Edwards will not quit is no surprise.

A former NFL player, Edwards is as competitive as they come. Expect him to work for his job in the final two weeks.

When I visited the Chiefs' training camp in August, Edwards said the Chiefs' rebuilding process would take a while but he thought they could be competitive in 2008 and then they would be able to make some noise in 2009.

It was clear Edwards entered the 2008 season thinking he'd be in Kansas City in 2009.

Now, that prospect looks tenuous at best. While Edwards won't quit, he may not have an opportunity to stick around next season. The Chiefs are going to hire a new general manager outside of the organization. That general manager will have a major say in who the next Chiefs coach will be.

It is rare for new general managers to keep existing coaches. The entire idea of taking a leadership role in the NFL is to hire your own people. Thus, it is very likely the new general manager in Kansas City will hire his own coach.

So, in the end, Edwards' determination may be for naught.