Jets at Browns filled with juicy plots

A matchup that might not look too special at first glance of the Week 10 schedule contains a few appealing storylines.

The New York Jets will visit the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Browns head coach Eric Mangini, coming off a rousing victory over mentor Bill Belichick, will face his previous team for the first time since it fired him.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan will match wits with his twin brother, Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

And there will be all sorts of former Browns (Braylon Edwards, Brodney Pool) and former Jets (Chansi Stuckey, Kenyon Coleman, Abram Elam, et al) playing their old teams. The Jets drafted quarterback Mark Sanchez with the fifth overall pick acquired from the Browns in a blockbuster trade.

In the span of three days, New York Times reporter Greg Bishop produced two must-read features about the trash-talking Ryan twins and a reinvented Mangini.

From the Ryan story:

Both brothers speak in expletives as much as in English. Both have mountainous midsections. Both are considered brilliant defensive strategists, a notion sometimes overshadowed by their bluster and brutal honesty. Even their sentences sound the same.

Rob, with an expletive removed: "When Rex won the Super Bowl, I was jacked. I was talking so much mess. It was awesome."

Rex, with an expletive removed: "When Rob won the Super Bowl, I was surrounded by St. Louis fans, talking mess the whole game. When Brady led them down the field, it was awesome."

From the Mangini story:

The night the [2008] regular season ended, Mangini watched television on his couch, preparing for exit interviews, compiling an off-season checklist. General Manager Mike Tannenbaum called at 11:40 p.m., charged with the unpleasant task of firing one of his best friends.

Mangini kept returning to one thought: He had compromised, sold out [for signing off on Brett Favre].

"I get that someone had to pay," Mangini said. "And it was me."

In the meantime, fans of both clubs are excited about their young quarterbacks. The Browns could've drafted Sanchez if they wanted, but they had Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson at the time. Both are gone, but this year the Browns selected Colt McCoy, who has won head-to-head meetings against Drew Brees and Tom Brady.