Should Mike Jenkins get benched?

For the second time in his three-season career, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins is having to answer for why he went out of his way to avoid contact with an opposing player who was on his way to a touchdown. Jenkins did it two years ago when Derrick Ward was playing for the New York Giants, and he elected not to attempt a tackle on Packers wide receiver James Jones as he raced for a score in Sunday's 45-7 win against the Cowboys. Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora responded with this rant on the NFL Network:

"To me, this is high treason," Mora said. "An NFL football player does not turn down a play like that. And if I’m Jason Garrett, the first thing that I’m doing when I take over as the head coach of this team, is I’m getting guys like that -- number 21, who absolutely committed treason, let his team down by passing up a tackle and let the ball get in the end zone -- I’m taking him and I’m getting him out of my locker room."

I admire Mora's passion, but I don't seem to recall him being Mr. Accountability in Atlanta when he was working with quarterback Michael Vick and cornerback DeAngelo Hall. But I don't think Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett can stand for that type of behavior from one of his players. When asked specifically about that play Wednesday, Garrett dodged the question.

"We're not worried about what happened the first eight weeks of this season,” said Garrett. “We're worried about what's happening going forward. So we outlined the expectations this morning, and we had a good day of practice. We've got work to do going forward."

I'm sure defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni pulled Jenkins aside and had a few words for him. But I expect the cornerback to be in the starting lineup against the New York Giants on Sunday.