NFC West leaning on young offenses

NFC West teams own three of the NFL's 10 youngest offensive rosters heading into Week 10.

The chart shows to-the-day age averages for offensive players, ranked from youngest to oldest and based on rosters updated late in the week. The information is based on rosters I maintain for every team in the league.

The St. Louis Rams (fifth youngest), Arizona Cardinals (eighth) and San Francisco 49ers (10th) rank among the 10 youngest. The Seattle Seahawks rank 21st on the list of youngest offensive rosters (starters and backups). I've included their averages in the 11th row of the chart.

St. Louis, Arizona and San Francisco are significantly younger than NFL averages at wide receiver. They are also younger at quarterback.

Arizona's offensive linemen are oldest in the league on average. The team has veteran backups.