Reports: Chads are done, JaMarcus next?

The Miami Dolphins didn't show much faith in Tyler Thigpen.

One play after the Tennessee Titans cut the Dolphins' lead to 20-17, quarterback Chad Henne went down with a knee injury. Henne went into the game as the backup. Chad Pennington started, but left the game with a shoulder injury after just two snaps.

That left Thigpen, the third-string quarterback, to lock down the victory.

But one play after Henne got hurt, running back Ronnie Brown took the snap and pitched to Brandon Marshall, who threw it deep.

Yes, there were third-QB rules in place, but the Dolphins snapped to Brown five straight plays, including first- and second-down plays to start the fourth quarter, before yielding to Thigpen.

Thigpen was OK. He completed four of his six attempts for 64 yards and a touchdown to help the Dolphins win 29-17.

But can he carry the Dolphins for seven weeks?

Multiple reports state Henne and Pennington are done for the season. That leaves the job to Thigpen. The Dolphins can't bring back Pat White either. He's under contract to the Kansas City Royals.

Josina Anderson of Denver's Fox affiliate tweeted the Dolphins have reached out to JaMarcus Russell to bring him in for a tryout. Russell might be the greatest draft bust in NFL history, but the Dolphins still are in the playoff hunt and desperate.

I contacted Tom Martinez, Tom Brady's personal throwing coach, who worked with Russell before the Oakland Raiders drafted the Louisiana State star first overall in 2007. I wanted to see if Martinez has been working with Russell. Martinez hasn't, but has been in touch with Russell's representatives.

"All the info I've heard is very good," Martinez said. "I understand he's in great shape and running a lot. He's always going to be a big man, but I hear he's in really, really great shape and has turned the corner."

Russell would be a great reclamation story if he has gotten his act together.

"He obviously has a lot more talent than a lot of guys who are seconds or thirds in the NFL but cannot play," Martinez said. "He can play."