Redskins have a pulse

LANDOVER, Md. -- I'm mostly chatting this evening, but I'll occasionally post something on the Beast. Redskins tight end Fred Davis has been in hiding much of the season, but he broke free down the sideline on what appeared to be busted coverage by the Philadelphia Eagles.

That play set up Darrel Young's touchdown catch and the Skins pulled to within 35-7. Could someone explain to me how Jim Haslett gets an extra week to prepare for Andy Reid's offense -- and this is what happens? Michael Vick has thoroughly embarrassed this defense.

Michael Vick was destroyed on a play early in the second quarter when he was looking in Brent Celek's direction. Should linebackers flex their muscles when their team is trailing by 28 points in the first half?

Just wondering. That's what Rocky McIntosh just did.