Titans should be done with Vince Young *

This should be it.

Time’s up for Vince Young with the Titans.

According to Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean, after Young tossed his pads into the stands at LP Field on Sunday, he had an exchange with Jeff Fisher in the locker room after the Redskins beat the Titans 19-16. Fisher told him not to walk out on his teammates. Young said he was walking out on the coach and out he went.

The Titans should tell him to keep walking. If anyone else pulled a similar stunt, that’s unquestionably what they’d do. Via Twitter, Wyatt said Titans owner Bud Adams is expected to be made aware of the details of the postgame embarrassment in a conference call Monday.

Adams has stuck with his draft day line of “VY is my guy” for too long. Now he needs to back his coach, admit the team didn’t hit the home run it hoped with the No. 3 pick in the 2006 draft and move forward.

There is no way Adams can pick an immature quarterback who still has no grasp for all that comes with being an NFL starter over the league’s longest-tenured coach. His pals respect Young. The league respects Fisher.

The Titans’ quarterback for 2011 may not be Kerry Collins or Rusty Smith, but it certainly can’t be Young. If he’s not cut now, he should be suspended, even if the thumb injury he suffered against Washington is bad enough to land him on IR.

I thought a change before the season to veteran agent Tom Condon might help finally get Young on course. (I was stunned when I learned Young had no idea who the agent representing a good share of the league’s top quarterbacks even was when Condon's name was first brought up.)

I wrote that he needed a season with minimal distractions and maximum production to prove he deserved to be the long-term face of the franchise.

But before the Pittsburgh game Young missed meetings. Then he acted baffled when he was benched and sources said the team had a short leash because Fisher and the coaches weren’t happy with his preparations.

On Nov. 14, Young's toughness was questioned when he didn’t start because of a lingering ankle injury, then played the second half of the loss to Miami when Collins got hurt and ran around better than fine.

Now, no matter what sort of case you think he had against Fisher, Young walked out on his boss when he was told not to in a defiant act that’s the equivalent of football treachery.

And his four tweets since the post-game meltdown illustrate just how easily he thinks he gets off the hook.

“Just want to say I'm fine sorry to my teammates I just a cop”


“Just want to play.”

“But God is great.”

Oh, well that explains everything. He likes to tell people how competitive he is, but he comes off like a baby. Who’s left inside team headquarters that will coddle him any longer?

Quite frankly, Young makes for just too much drama for the payoff.

He’s got some unflinching devotees who make a lot of noise. He’s got a circle that does a lot of enabling. And he had a team that had given him far more patience than he’s earned.

With his behavior Sunday, he should lose the third.

(* Update: ESPN's Adam Schefter spoke with Young, who admitted he is frustated. Young denied throwing his jersey in the stands, as has been widely reported. He said he simply gave it to the daughter of longtime Titans executive vice president Don MacLachlan. )