Kansas City is getting offensive

Don’t look now, but the Kansas City Chiefs are an offensive juggernaut.

Kansas City has scored a total of 102 points in the past three games and head into December prepared for what should be a terrific AFC West race with San Diego. The Chargers have won four straight games and haven't lost a December game since 2005. The Chiefs, 7-4, lead the Chargers, 6-5, by one game in the division.

While San Diego is surging, the Chiefs are showing they are not losing ground because of their dynamic offense. Kansas City fans were waiting for head coach Todd Haley and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis' impact on the team. Well, it’s happening. This is a well-coached unit with dynamic play, even featuring “The Deep Freeze"Insider. Make no mistake, this offense is hot.

It starts with maligned quarterback Matt Cassel. He’s been the picture of efficient quarterback play. Cassel has thrown 18 touchdowns and has been intercepted just once in the past seven weeks. Overall, Cassel has thrown 22 touchdown passes this season and he has been intercepted just four times.

Cassel has plenty of help. Running back Jamaal Charles broke the 1,000-rushing yard barrier Sunday. He is second in the NFL with 1,021 rushing yards. Charles leads the NFL by averaging 6.3 yards per carry. He had 173 of the Chiefs’ 270 rushing yards Sunday as the team solidified it ranking as the No. 1 rushing team in the NFL.

Charles is starting to believe anything is possible for this team, a week after his teammate Dwayne Bowe said the Chiefs will “win it all.”

Why shouldn’t the Chiefs think big? And Bowe can say anything he wants. No player in the NFL been as dominant as Bowe in the past three games. He has 32 catches and seven touchdowns during the stretch.

Bill Barnwell of the Football OutsidersInsider breaks down Bowe’s impressive stretch. Barnwell says Bowe’s hot streak started after he dropped a key pass in the loss to the Colts during Week 5. Since then, Barnwell writes this: Bowe has caught 49 passes for 733 yards and a whopping 13 touchdowns. Bowe only made it to 589 yards in 11 games last season, and he had a total of 16 touchdowns as a pro coming into this season.

Bowe, who has caught a touchdown in a team record seven straight games, also has a team record 14 touchdown catches. According to Keith Hawkins of ESPN Stats & Information, since the merger in 1970, the only player who had more touchdown receptions in the first 11 games of the season was Randy Moss in 2007, who had 16.

The Chiefs are putting up special numbers and it is resulting in big points on the scoreboard. Because of this offensive explosion, the Chiefs must be accounted for by the rest of the NFL as we enter December play.