Browns again making wholesale changes

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

The Cleveland Browns are starting over for the fourth time in 10 years.

Browns head coach Romeo Crennel is out following a 4-12 season. It's the third double-digit losing season in four years for Crennel and comes just a day after Cleveland also fired general manager Phil Savage.

Cleveland's internal culture was going downhill so fast this year that the problems needed to be quickly addressed. By the end of the season, there was a large divide within the organization as to whom was to blame for the team's abysmal season.

But continuity also is part of the issue in Cleveland. At some point the Browns will need to end the merry-go-round of starting over every three years or so. You cannot build a successful NFL team that way.

This is a very important period for Cleveland. In the next several weeks, there will be yet another regime coming to town, and hiring the right people is the first and most important starting point to build the proper foundation.

The organization needs to get it right and shine during this hiring process, or they could be in the same spot again three years from now.