DraftWatch: Lions currently at No. 2

The Detroit Lions lost for the 10th time in 12 games Sunday, bringing us to the point when it makes sense to look ahead -- to the 2011 draft. First up: Projecting the Lions' draft position.

As you know, the first round is determined by reverse order of strength of schedule. Obviously, we won't have the final calculations until Week 17 is complete. But as it stands now, the Lions are positioned to have the No. 2 overall pick for the second consecutive year.

Our friends at ESPN Stats & Information have compiled the strength of schedule for the 10 teams with the worst records in the NFL. The percentages you see in the chart are based on each team's full schedule, including the opponents they haven't played yet. But of the NFL's three 2-10 teams, the Lions have had the statistically easiest schedule and thus have the top priority among them.

Obviously, some things can change between now and the end of the season. But we're now 75 percent of the way through the season, and I thought this was worth passing along.