Troy Calhoun bows out of Denver chase

We can take one candidate out of the mix for the Denver Broncos’ head-coaching job.

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun said Tuesday morning he would not be interested in the job. Calhoun is a former Denver assistant who has strong ties to the organization and who is known as an up-and-comer. I think this is a matter of timing.

Calhoun is in the middle of recruiting. He can’t afford to wait until after the NFL season. If McDaniels had been fired after the season, then perhaps Calhoun would have been in the mix.

This isn’t a devastating blow for Denver. Calhoun would have been a strong candidate, but there are plenty of other valuable candidates out there, including Minnesota interim coach Leslie Frazier, who was a runner-up to Josh McDaniels 23 months ago. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if the Vikings secured Frazier soon if they decide they want him long-term.

Meanwhile, McDaniels told the Denver Post he was not told by the team that he was being fired as a result of the recent videotape scandal. I’m sure more information on that will come out soon.

The Denver Post had a great tidbit: Broncos owner Pat Bowlen dined Monday night with legendary quarterback John Elway. There has been rampant speculation that Elway will join Denver’s front office. Even if he does, the Broncos had better bring an experienced personnel man in the mix. Elway was great on the field and he would be great for the organization as a leader, but an experienced football person would be needed as well.

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