AFC West Week 15 decisive moment

Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley has been a gambling man all season.

Sometimes, Haley’s risky ways work and sometimes, they fail.

Sunday, they lifted the first-place Chiefs.

There were about nine minutes remaining in the second quarter, and St. Louis was leading the Chiefs, 6-0. Kansas City had shown nothing all game, and the Rams’ offense was having its way with Kansas City’s defense.

The Chiefs were in a fourth-and-1 situation at their own 48 --- and Haley went for it.

It was a major risk. Giving the Rams possession in Kansas City territory with a chance to go up by two touchdowns early in the second quarter surely qualifies as a risk.

No problem.

The Chiefs converted the first down and went down the field to score a touchdown. It sparked the entire team. The Rams didn’t score again until there were four minutes remaining in the game in an eventual 27-13 win for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs needed to make a play, and it was Jackie Battle’s seven-yard gain to extend a drive for Kansas City in the second quarter that gave the Chiefs life and eventually allowed them to keep a one-game lead in the AFC West.