Eagles soar in Power Rankings

It's the most wonderful time of the year. And yes, I'm talking about the ESPN.com Week 16 Power Rankings, which arrived today at 2 p.m. ET. The Philadelphia Eagles' comeback win over the New York Giants had a dramatic effect on our four voters.

As he does every week, NFC West blogger Mike Sando pulls back the curtain on the mysterious voting process. Let's take a quick peek at how the four NFC East teams fared:

3. Philadelphia Eagles: They moved up three spots following Sunday's 38-31 win in the Meadowlands. The Eagles leapfrogged the Baltimore Ravens, which was a bit of a surprise. John "The Professor" Clayton and AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky, who has stuck with Andy Reid all season, had the Eagles at No. 3. James Walker of AFC North fame and Sando both had the Ravens one spot ahead of the Eagles.

9. New York Giants: I was a little surprised the Giants fell only two spots following their epic collapse. Three of the voters agreed that the Giants should be No. 9, but Sando had them with a "7" on his ballot despite reports that Bill Cowher wants Tom Coughlin's job.

18. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys continued their steady rise in the Power Rankings. Kuharsky has fallen in love with Jason Garrett's brand of discipline and Ivy League pedigree. He had the Cowboys at No. 15, but Clayton's harsh "20" neutralized Kuharsky's efforts. Clayton has the Texans and the Titans ahead of the Cowboys.

26. Washington Redskins: Clayton and Walker saved Mike Shanahan in the rankings with No. 22 votes, but Sando destroyed the Redskins with a "28" on his ballot following Rex Grossman's courageous effort. Sando has the Lions and Bills ahead of the Skins at this point in the season.

The Beast moved into second place in the overall division rankings. The AFC East remains in first, but the NFC East is closing fast thanks to the work of James Walker, whose average ranking of 13.25 provided a huge boost. Upon hearing the news, Tom Coughlin left the dark room he'd been sitting in since Sunday's loss to the Eagles.