Kerry Collins closing on Montana, Unitas

Kerry Collins is 13 pass completions away from matching Joe Montana (3,409) for 10th all-time and 334 yards away from tying Johnny Unitas (40,239).

The numbers, are of course, a testament to Collins’ longevity. But you’ve got to be doing something right to last as long as he has.

He’s not what he used to be, but he can still be effective, such as last week when he led the Titans to a 21-0 lead and a 31-17 win over Houston.

He said he doesn’t get caught up in where he stands in the record book, though he may come to appreciate those things more someday.

But Randy Moss, who’s a teammate with Collins for a second time in a second city, heaped on the praise when he was told the Unitas numbers.

“Hell, the guy he’s passing speaks volumes. Johnny U?” Moss said. “Kerry is a great guy. He’s a great guy in the locker room. I actually met Kerry when I was back in Oakland so we actually have a little rapport with one another. Back when he was at Penn State, Penn State was right next to West Virginia so I followed him in college, too. Just to see him, to be able to watch him accomplish a milestone like that is something he can really hang his hat on. That 40,000 … beating Johnny Unitas. That’s a legendary quarterback. For him to be in front of Johnny U, that’s saying something.

“So he can definitely appreciate his successes also. A lot of guys can leave the league and not really say that, that they had a really good career. When you have numbers and you have guys behind you that you looked up to -- I know as a quarterback he definitely looked up to Johnny Unitas -- for him to be able to surpass that, that’s pretty exciting.”