How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch


1. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback: I know he got banged up on the first play of the game, but that's not the reason he lost two fumbles and threw an interception in a 24-14 loss to the Vikings. And Vick would have had at least two more interceptions if the Vikings' defensive backs could catch the football. The Eagles quarterback was sacked six times, and it just looked like he was trying to do too much on his own. It was obvious the Vikings were selling out to stop DeSean Jackson, so coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg should've adjusted their approach accordingly. It makes no sense that a talented running back like LeSean McCoy only has 13 carries. I'd keep feeding him the ball.

2. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys interim coach: I still think Garrett's the odds-on favorite to land the full-time gig, but his handling of Marion Barber's excessive celebration penalty lost him some points. Barber's a highly emotional player, but he has to realize that yanking his helmet off while still on the field is an automatic 15-yard penalty. Garrett could've been a hero to a lot of Cowboys fans if he'd benched Barber for his selfish display following a touchdown run in the second half, but that's not what he did. He gave a weak explanation Monday about Barber's "50" apologies on the sideline. Barber defied Garrett immediately when he violated the new dress code before the Giants game in the Meadowlands. He doesn't appear have any regard for authority. I'm still trying to figure why his teammates elected him captain.

3. Perry Fewell, New York Giants defensive coordinator: Everyone in the secondary played poorly against the Packers in a 45-17 loss, so I'll just go with Fewell. He's put together some nice game plans this season, but his unit has cratered over the last 68 minutes. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers embarrassed one of the top-ranked defenses in the league. And one of the reasons the Packers had so much success with the pass early in the game is because they gashed the Giants with the run. I realize John Kuhn's a nice player, but he shouldn't be breaking into the open field against this front seven. Fewell lost some of his mojo with this loss. Tom Coughlin's catching more heat than anyone, but I thought the defense's performance was more shocking than what Eli Manning and his running backs did with their six turnovers.


1. Washington Redskins' defense: Playing without several key players, the Redskins had one of their best performances of the season. They prevented the Jaguars from doing anything on the ground and Carlos Rogers and Kevin Barnes both had interceptions. Rob Jackson was starting for Brian Orakpo at outside linebacker. He had a sack and forced fumble in the Redskins' 20-17 win in overtime. Perhaps the Redskins can build a little momentum heading into the offseason.

2. Stephen McGee, Dallas Cowboys quarterback: I believe that McGee has a chance to become the backup quarterback to Tony Romo next season. He had the Cowboys in position to win the game or at least hold on for overtime if not for a missed extra point by David Buehler and subsequent failure by the defense. It took a little while for McGee to get comfortable, but he started making plays down the stretch. I think Garrett has to be very pleased with the way his third-stringer performed.

3. Santana Moss, Washington Redskins wide receiver: He had five catches for 85 yards and he continues to be the Redskins' most consistent playmaker. Moss thought he had one of his best seasons in '09 despite the Skins only winning four games. He's taken that same attitude into this season. At 31, he's still a dangerous wide receiver. But it's hard to say how much longer he'll be with the Redskins. He's certainly worthy of being on the "rising" list this week.