Is Tim Tebow a cheap-shot target?

There was chatter in Denver that the Houston Texans may have been a tad aggressive in hitting Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow after the whistle in a 24-23 Denver win Sunday.

When asked about it Wednesday, Denver interim coach Eric Studesville wasn’t up in arms about the situation, but told reporters this: “There were a couple of things [last week] that maybe were extra, but Tim plays the game with a great intensity and a great energy, and people don’t always appreciate that. Our team certainly does.”

As for Tebow, he doesn’t seem overly concerned about taking extra hits or the notion that his style may invite cheap shots. Tebow said he got used to it while starring at Florida.

“Most of the time, it is just to rattle you or get under your skin or something like that,” Tebow told reporters in Denver. "If anything, I love it more because it makes the game more competitive and more fun and probably gets me going a little bit more as well.”

Asked if he thought he was more of a late-hit target than other quarterbacks, Tebow said, “I don’t know. Maybe some people might look at it like that, but I am sure that some don’t. I think there is probably a mixture.”

I’m not ready to say Tebow is or will be a regular target for defensive players. I think defensive players, in the heat of the battle, aim to nail every quarterback, whether he’s "Average Joe QB" or someone as publicized as Tebow. But it will be interesting to see if the trend continues Sunday against San Diego.

Meanwhile, Tebow is excited about the prospect of Denver legendary quarterback John Elway joining the Broncos’ front office. Elway is expected to join the team as soon as next week.

“I think it would be great,” Tebow said. “I think all the players here, including myself, have a great respect for John and what he did in the NFL as one of the best quarterbacks ever. He knows this game extremely well and he is someone that understands it and knows what the players are going through and knows how to help them and everything like that. I think that players would be totally on board with that and I think it could only be a benefit.”