Report: Studesville to interview in Denver

The Denver Post is reporting that interim Denver coach Eric Studesville will be interviewed for the permanent job.

This is not a surprise and it’s the right thing for Denver to do. I still think Studesville is a long-shot candidate. But he deserves a chance.

Studesville has done an admirable job in keeping the Broncos on track since being promoted from running backs coach when coach Josh McDaniels was fired suddenly with four weeks remaining. The Broncos were blown out in their first two games under Studesville, but came back to beat Houston last week.

Studesville is enthusiastic and has kept the team focused. For a guy who has never had a role higher than a position coach, this experience as an interim coach and the opportunity to interview for a head-coaching job will be invaluable. Statesville is African-American. His interview will satisfy the NFL’s Rooney rule, which mandates every team must interview at least one minority candidate.

UPDATE: At his news briefing Friday, Studesville confirmed he is expected to get an interview.