Simms: Jets built to beat Colts ... Can they?

With intentions to win the AFC East, the New York Jets didn't expect to have a playoff rematch with the Indianapolis Colts so early in the tournament.

Nonetheless, CBS Sports analyst Phil Simms notes the Jets have prepared several months for the moment at hand. Simms provided his thoughts on Saturday night's first-round game in Lucas Oil Stadium.

"I believe that during the offseason the New York Jets built their football team to beat the Indianapolis Colts," Simms said. "Look at last season, when the Patriots lost to the Ravens in a horrendous game. Thoughts were that the Patriots could be on their way down. Everyone thinks the worst when you lose a playoff game, and the way the Jets lost to the Colts last year, they tried to correct things.

"They went out and got Antonio Cromartie and drafted Kyle Wilson to help them get better matchups against the Colts. Now, we will see. The Jets definitely have better matchups in the passing game this year than last when it comes to covering the Colts' receivers."

Simms still sees Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez as the pivotal figure.

"He is going to have to have a really, really good day for the Jets to win," Simms said. "The Colts are going to do whatever it takes to stop the Jets' running game. They will dare the Jets to throw it because in that building, with that noise, some of those defensive players dare you. And the big thing is, can you get the time to take advantage of it?"