Meet John Fox

Name: John Fox

New job: Head coach, Denver Broncos.

FoxFoxWhere he came from: He was formally the head coach of the Carolina Panthers

Age: 55

Claim to fame: He is known as one of the better defensive coaches in the NFL. In 2002, he took over a 1-15 team and led the Panthers to the Super Bowl in his second season as coach. He went to the Super Bowl in the 2000 season as the Giants’ defensive coordinator.

Why he was hired: The Broncos need a quick turnaround, head-coaching experience and defensive help. The Broncos were last in the NFL in total defense and points allowed in 2010.

What to expect: Fox believes in the basics. Run the ball on offense and stop the run on defense.

His biggest challenge: Defensively, he has to work that Fox magic on a group that needs help on all three layers. Offensively, he has to oversee the development of quarterback Tim Tebow.

Did you know? Fox was the Raiders’ defensive coordinator in 1994-95.