John Fox is a Tim Tebow fan

A key part of the interview process for the Denver Broncos’ head-coaching job was the future of quarterback Tim Tebow, who just finished his first season in Denver.

On Friday, when John Fox is introduced to the Denver media, I’m sure his thoughts on Tebow will be major theme of the line of questioning.



I’m sure Fox -- who was hired by Denver one day after interviewing -- told the Denver brass he thinks Tebow can be a winning NFL quarterback. And I’m sure he’ll speak highly of Tebow on Friday, even though he’ll likely protect himself and not automatically give Tebow the keys to the offense.

Fox is already on the record about his appreciation of Tebow’s game. Prior to the draft, Fox often said he liked Tebow. He was at Tebow’s pro day at Florida in March and had good things to say about Tebow, who worked hard to adjust his game prior to the draft. "He had a very, very good workout. He doesn't lack in the work ethic department, so whatever needs to be done, he'll do," Fox said. " I definitely saw some adjustment and I thought he executed very well."

I’m sure that was part of Fox’s response to the Denver brass when asked about Tebow in his interview. Denver wants to move forward with someone who believes in Tebow. When he was hired to run the Broncos’ football department earlier this month, Elway said he didn’t see a scenario in which Denver wouldn’t hire a coach who didn’t believe in Tebow.

Of course, Fox is a defensive-minded coach so he’ll need to hire an offensive coordinator who believes in Tebow as well. One real option is keeping offensive coordinator Mike McCoy in Denver.

McCoy -- who reportedly has interest from Kansas City to replace offensive coordinator Charlie Weis -- worked in Carolina before joining the Broncos. He called the plays during Tebow’s three starts to end the 2010 season. This all points to Tebow -- who was chosen by former Denver coach Josh McDaniels in last April’s draft -- being in good shape in Denver as the Broncos move forward.

Tebow is on board with the hire. He tweeted a welcome message to Fox on Thursday.