Welker's tweaking of Ryan a wonderful feat

Paging Dr. Scholl ...

For those who've heard about but not seen Wes Welker's deadpan delivery of 11 foot-related references in 10 questions during a nine-minute news conference, ESPNNewYork.com has provided a complete rundown of his routine.

The New England Patriots receiver declined to toe Bill Belichick's established company line of not engaging the New York Jets or their head coach. Belichick didn't want any jabs -- regardless how clever -- in the days leading up to Sunday's playoff game.

Welker, of course, kept a straight face (almost) and could claim none of those references had anything at all to do with the foot-fetish videos Ryan and his wife purportedly posted on the internet.

But Welker appeared to repress a laugh or two. And "foot soldiers?" Nobody uses that phrase. I can picture Welker thumbing through a dictionary beforehand or typing the word "foot" into the Google search engine to see what suggestions pop up.

In what has been an entertaining week leading up to Sunday's three-match, Welker has given us another sexy footnote.