The feel from Ditka's in Chicago

CHICAGO -- Bears fans at Mike Ditka's downtown Chicago steakhouse cheered with every Green Bay Packers touchdown Saturday night.

They knew a Packers victory over the Atlanta Falcons would allow the Bears to play the NFC title game at home.

"NFC Championship game in Chicago!" one of them yelled.

There is the small detail of the Bears needing first to defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC divisional playoffs Sunday at Soldier Field.

The Packers hold a 42-21 lead over the Falcons early in the fourth quarter as I write this. A Green Bay victory would allow the Seattle-Chicago winner to play the NFC title game at home next week.

Green Bay, like Seattle, had to scramble for a playoff berth and then play in the wild-card round. Atlanta, like Chicago, earned a bye to the divisional round.

Fans of the Bears and Seahawks have to like the way this Green Bay game is playing out.