Black and blue all over: Packers CEO backs Thompson

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Today's best in the NFC North...

  • Interesting that Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy felt compelled to reaffirm his support in GM Ted Thompson, whose (in)actions have been scrutinized publicly as quarterback Brett Favre considers coming out of retirement. "I really think Ted is handling this situation very well," Murphy told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It's very delicate and he's handled it well, very professionally." While Thompson visited Favre two years ago to sell him on continuing his career, Murphy said, this year he "wanted Brett to be able to make the decision himself."

  • This Packers shareholder -- who also works for the Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana -- wants no part of Favre coming back in 2008. "Don't do it!" he writes. "Even if Favre wants to unfairly force the Packers' hand, the team has the right to tell him it can't be in Green Bay." As for the possibility of Favre being released and signing with an NFC North team, Steven T. Gorches writes: "We, as owners, will not let that happen."

  • Caleb Campbell, a rookie safety from Army, is hoping to make the Lions roster this summer and play under a special exemption that allows him to fulfill his military commitment as a recruiter in the Detroit area. The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday that the Army is reviewing the policy that led to Campbell's exemption. As of earlier this week, our information was that Campbell at least would be allowed to attend training camp.