A Hall of Fame vote for Marshall Faulk

ARLINGTON, Texas -- D'Marco Farr's eyes brightened when I asked the retired defensive tackle what he would say to Hall of Fame voters regarding his former St. Louis Rams teammate, Marshall Faulk.

Farr, attending Super Bowl media day as a member of the Rams' radio team, thanks Faulk more than any other teammate for the Super Bowl ring he wore Tuesday.

"For a time, Marshall Faulk was the best weapon in the NFL, a guy that could catch the ball out of the backfield, could run for power, run for speed -- could do it all," Farr said. "He was absolutely indefensible for a period of time. And how smart he is. He could be a head coach. When you talk about great players and where they come from, they are not trained, they are born. He is one of them. And those guys deserve to be in the Hall of Fame."

Hall of Fame voters will consider Faulk's candidacy Saturday, the first time Faulk is eligible for enshrinement.

Faulk finished his career with seven Pro Bowl appearances, 100 rushing touchdowns, 36 receiving touchdowns, more than 12,000 yards rushing and a 9.0-yard average on his 767 receptions. But you had to see him play to appreciate what set him apart from other backs.

"I saw Marshall do something I've never seen another running back do," Farr said. "He lined up in the slot and beat a cornerback on a post. He beat a corner on a post route! It was incredible. He could play corner. I swear, he could play linebacker if he wanted to."

Farr looked down at the massive jewelry on his right ring finger. He professed love for Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. Then he continued.

"The first guy I think about when I put this thing on is Marshall," Farr said. "I thank him every single day for this thing -- every single day, whether he hears it or not."