Kapinos on GB: 'Past is obviously the past'

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Punter Jeremy Kapinos is the only Pittsburgh Steeler who played for the Green Bay Packers last season.

KapinosKapinosBut you would hardly know it this week, because Kapinos has little interest in discussing his former team.

"I think with the Packers, the past is obviously the past," Kapinos said Wednesday. "I'm just more excited to be with the Steelers now."

Kapinos was with Green Bay in 2008 and 2009 and punted a total of 20 games for the Packers. He subbed in during four games in 2008 and won the job full-time in 2009. Kapinos was then let go and served a one-week stint with the Indianapolis Colts this season.

But Kapinos says his heart is with the Steelers. He took advantage of an opportunity when Daniel Sepulveda suffered a season-ending knee injury and punted for Pittsburgh the past six games, including playoffs.

As luck would have it, Kapinos is now happy to punt in the Super Bowl for the Steelers, a team he's watched closely since college.

"I think the emotion falls more with the fact that this is the Steelers," Kapinos said. "I went to school at Penn State, and the proximity is what it is. A lot of my friends are Steelers fans so we always watched more Steelers games. That means more than anything."