Eagles players reach out to bullying victim

A 13-year-old Eagles fan named Nadin Khoury was the victim of one of the worst bullying crimes in recent memory last month. Seven students at Philadelphia's Upper Darby High School's Opportunity Center attacked Khoury for no apparent reason and one of them captured video of the horrifying scene. Six of those students were arrested and hauled off in a police wagon Monday for all of their classmates to see.

Khoury and his family made an emotional appearance on ABC's "The View" on Thursday. One of the hosts brought it up that Khoury loved the Philadelphia Eagles, and moments later, DeSean Jackson, Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson came walking onto the set. Jackson ripped off his No. 10 jersey and signed it before handing it to Khoury, who was overwhelmed by the gesture. Once he collected himself, Khoury told the audience that Jackson was his favorite player.

Herremans offered the family tickets to a game of their choosing, and Jackson invited them to an anti-bullying event that he's involved with. Sheil Kapadia of Moving The Chains blog has linked to the touching scene and it's worth a look.