Ravens-Steelers halftime notes

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers are leading the Baltimore Ravens, 13-7, in Sunday's AFC Championship Game. The winner will advance to Super Bowl XLIII to play the Arizona Cardinals in two weeks.

Here are some first half observations:

  • Ward hurt. On the topic of Ward, he injured his right knee in the first quarter. He returned in the second quarter then was taken back out of the game. His return in the second half is doubtful, which could hurt Pittsburgh's passing game.

  • Parker under wraps. The Ravens are continuing their mastery of Pittsburgh tailback Willie Parker, who has just 22 yards on 12 carries and a fumble. The Steelers surprisingly are not trying to get to the outside and running directly at the Ravens has proven not to be a good strategy.

  • No tackles for Suggs. Baltimore outside linebacker Terrell Suggs is doing what he can but hasn't made much of an impact. Suggs began the contest playing all three downs, then later in the second half switched to just playing on pass-rushing downs. He has yet to register a tackle in this game.