Helmet-to-helmet hit sends McGahee off on cart

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
PITTSBURGH -- The officials missed an ugly penalty.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark should have been penalized for an obvious helmet-to-helmet hit on Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee with 3:29 left in the AFC Championship Game at Heinz Field.

McGahee caught a Joe Flacco pass 11 yards down field and was summarily walloped by Clark, who turned himself into missile and struck McGahee. The ball popped out, and was recovered by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons at the Baltimore 27-yard line.

Both players flopped to the turf and grabbed their heads, even more evidence to the officials Clark had led with his helmet.

Clark eventually left the field under his own power.

McGahee's facemask was removed from his helmet before he was strapped to a backboard and driven off the field on a cart. He was moving his arms and legs.