Sanders, Hanburger voted to Hall of Fame

DALLAS -- Former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders and Washington Redskins linebacker Chris Hanburger have been voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Sanders was a no-brainer. He's one of the greatest corners in the history of the league. Teams feared throwing to his side of the field.

Hanburger's induction will once again draw a ton of Skins fans to Canton. He was a member of George Allen's famed "Over The Hill Gang." Hanburger was incredibly consistent, going to nine Pro Bowls and being named All-Pro four times.

Charles Haley wasn't one of the 10 finalists. His five Super Bowl rings are tough to overlook, but this was Richard Dent's year. It was hard to imagine both defensive ends getting in the Hall.

We're about to hear from Hanburger. The man loved the clothesline.

"He was tremendous," said Sam Huff in a news release. "He wasn't very big, but he was quick. When we needed to get the quarterback, I would call a blitz. I would come up the middle and he would come from the outside and we took that quarterback apart. He was one of the best blitzers that I think ever played the game. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because he had such great talent.