Around the AFC West: McDaniels gets paid

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson


My take: Denver owner Pat Bowlen is a fair man and it is no surprise that McDaniels was given a competitive contract. The word is that McDaniels had long had the attention of Denver's owner, and after the interview process Bowlen was certain that McDaniels was the man to lead his team in the future. So, clearly McDaniels was going to be paid well to become the next head coach in Denver.

Kansas City

My take: It's been 23 days since the season ended and Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards and his assistants -- those who haven't taken other jobs -- are still in limbo. It is expected to change at any time. New general manager Scott Pioli has been mulling the situation for a week. He is expected to make a decision soon.


  • The Raiders added a couple of assistant coaches.

My take: This situation is as intriguing as what is going on in Kansas City. While Edwards is in limbo, the Raiders are currently the only team without a head coach. Yet, assistants are being hired. Only in Oakland.

San Diego

My take: Steve Wilks' hiring shows that defensive coordinator Ron Rivera has some juice on this staff. And he should. It looks like Rivera will be back as the team's defensive coordinator. He did a stellar job in the second half of the season after taking over. Now that he is getting his own coaches in, Rivera should be even more effective.