The Belt goes viral for Aaron Rodgers

The nation has been Belted.

Or is it Beltified?

Does it even matter anymore?

We're living in the United States of Belterica.

The Belt has landed in the NBA.

It's made its way to NASCAR.

Kids are Belting in class.

Mail carriers are Belting at the end of their routes.

Preachers have Belted at the end of their sermons.

Look out, it's coming to a ring near you.

Yes, I've watched with genuine amusement as Aaron Rodgers' once-corny touchdown celebration has caught some social networking fire in the week since he earned MVP honors in Super Bowl XLV. Saturday night, Charlotte Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson did The Belt after hitting a game-winning shot. Sunday, NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil directed several Belts toward a Fox television camera at the end of an interview.

Rodgers has been Belting -- pantomiming the act of putting on a wrestling-style championship belt -- for years. Winning a Super Bowl tends to draw a little extra attention, of course -- especially after Packers linebacker Clay Matthews draped Rodgers with an actual belt during the Super Bowl postgame ceremony.

Tuesday, Rodgers tweeted: "I know I wasn't the first to do "the belt", but u gotta admit my version has really taken off! And we're the champs, beltified."

Via Twitter (@AaronRodgers12) in recent days, Rodgers has portrayed himself as a Belt judge to determine, as he tweeted, "the appropriateness of using the belt celebration after work and daily accomplishments." I'll share a few of them will you below, along with comments that reveal Rodgers to have a solid comedic side.

And then.... RT @Cole_Glavan @AaronRodgers12 just corrected my calc professor and stood up and put on the belt... Proudest moment of my life

Missed Steven Jackson doing the belt. Hitting a game winner is belt worthy especially when ur a baller like SJ. #thebeltiscontagious

Questionable belt usage RT @respinola Word to @AaronRodgers12. Just did the belt after scoring a TD against a bunch of little kids.

Guys, loading up the bar on the decline bench and pumping out two reps will wearing a weight belt n tank top...also not belt worthy

Not cool to do the belt during jazzercise ladies.

As Kirk Gibson rounded the bases after his HR in the WS in '88 he only had the use of one arm, but it was a sweet one arm belt he put on

Well worth it RT @lukereuter41 @AaronRodgers12 getting a dentition for doing the belt in the middle of class after getting a 100%

With a great belt comes great responsibility... RT @QUEEN_IBBY @AaronRodgers12 Can chicks wear the belt too? Or is it just a guy thing?

Hahahahahahahahaha amazing RT @JB_Quatro @AaronRodgers12 take out the trash: belt. Walk the dog: belt. Dishes: Belt.

Jesus wore the 1st championship belt i heard RT @revbrp @AaronRodgers12 As a pastor, should I finish the Sunday message and put on the belt?

RT @DruKure @AaronRodgers12 Did my 6 hour mail route in under 5. Got outta my mail truck.. did the championship belt in front of my boss.

Only in Belterica.