Manning deal will be five or six years

Every bit of Peyton Manning contract news is significant, given the team’s pledge to make him the league’s highest-paid player and the clock ticking down to a lockout.

The most interesting element of the newest nugget is that his new contract could be for five or six years. Manning turns 35 in March. He’s been incredibly durable. The Colts clearly expect he will continue to be so.

"I think six years is certainly a possibility, five or six years," owner Jim Irsay said. "There's not a definitive number that I'm stuck on. You don't know how much longer he can play. You hope that it's five years, maybe six years. Until you get longer down the road, it's really uncertain."

Sounds reasonable to me. And maybe it’ll put on hold the steady stream of questions I get about when the team should start to figure out a line of succession at quarterback. It's way, way too early for that.

Manning’s pal, country music star Kenny Chesney, was a guest on The Wake Up Zone on 104.5 FM in Nashville, a show I am part of.

He offered no scoop.

“Without Peyton Manning I don’t think they would have won four games this year,” Chesney said. “I sure hope they get it done.”