Chiefs' tampering win doesn't net much

The good news for the Kansas City Chiefs is that they won their tampering case against the Detroit Lions.

But the reality is, the Chiefs didn’t benefit much from the victory.

The NFL announced that the Chiefs and Lions will swap fifth-round picks this year. Instead of drafting No. 23 in the round, the Chiefs will pick ninth. Detroit also lost a seventh-round pick. Both teams can appeal the decision. You’d think a tampering victory would be worth more than 16 draft slots. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs asked for better compensation.

The case reportedly stems from Detroit defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham's pursuit of Kansas City safety Jarrad Page while Page was under contract with the Chiefs. Cunningham was the former defensive coordinator in Kansas City and Page, who was holding out from the Chiefs at the time, has since been traded to New England.

The premise of this story is much juicier than the actual payoff. But, I guess moving 16 spots near the end of the draft is better than nothing for Kansas City.