A 15-player trade? We can outdo that ...

The Carmelo Anthony megatrade is a dominant sports story at the moment.

Anthony is headed to the New York Knicks in a three-way trade that involves 15 players and draft choices plus $6 million in cash.

NFL writers are comparing the trade to the Herschel Walker jaw-dropper in 1989. The Dallas Cowboys sent him to the Minnesota Vikings in a deal comprised of 18 players and draft picks.

That got me thinking ...

Rather than rehash some of the most leviathan trades in AFC East history, let's conjure up something that would be in the Anthony or Walker ballpark.

My assignment to you: Sketch out a trade scenario involving an AFC East club and a superstar that involves more components than an assemble-it-yourself entertainment center.

The rest I'm leaving up to you. Be as creative as you want. The featured player could be coming into the division or exiting. Send Tom Brady to the Arizona Cardinals. Lure Michael Vick to the Miami Dolphins. Swap Darrelle Revis for Troy Polamalu as a starting point.

Drop your proposal in the comments section underneath this article. I'll sift through the submissions and highlight the best in a future post. I'll be on the lookout for the most reasonable, unwieldy and imaginative offers. Bonus points if you explain your logic.

Now get transcrackin'.