Once upon a time: Three combines

INDIANAPOLIS -- Before Mike Munchak was drafted eighth overall by the Houston Oilers, the Penn State interior offensive lineman didn’t get to come to one scouting combine.

The Tennessee Titans new head coach actually went to three.

“There were three different groups I went to in 82, so unfortunately we had to do this three different times plus a pro day,” Munchak remembered. “It was a lot more difficult on the players. They’ve made it much easier it all being in one weekend, it’s much more efficient for everybody. Come out here in Indianapolis, spend a week here, get all the information you can get and everyone is on the same playing level. It’s changed dramatically in that regard for the better.”

But while Munchak got measured and worked out multiple times, he hardly faced the probing lines of questioning today’s prospects endure.

“I think it’s gotten a lot more intense,” he said. “…It’s a lot more in depth. I don’t remember us even having meetings. They were very minimal if you had one. That’s changed quite a bit. It’s such a big investment in a player you’re trying to find every way to not make a mistake.”

One bullet point of news from Munchak: He indicated the Titans won’t use their franchise or transition tag on anyone. The deadline for that is Thursday. Defensive end Jason Babin looked to have the best chance, but it would have cost roughly $13 million.