New title for Polian means only slight shift

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bill Polian’s been Colts president since 1998.

He’s got a new title now, reports Mike Chappell: vice chairman.

What’s it mean?

Perhaps not a great deal.

"From an outsider's eye, it won't be noticeable," owner Jim Irsay told Chappell. "It's the natural progression with Chris [Polian] taking on more of a role.

"But Bill's not clearing out his office and he's not going to be gone. He'll be around slightly -- slightly -- less. But he's still significantly involved with the (NFL's) competition committee and us in every way, shape and form."

"…I don't really have a date where Bill would be at a much greater distance and be a consultant," Irsay said. "But Bill and I have talked it through, and that won't be for another two or three years."

Polian used to be a marquee guy for the media at the combine, offering great assessments of the draft class on Sunday. It’s been a loss that he’s chosen to disappear in recent years. The Colts are one of the few teams that don’t have an official podium session where the head coach or GM or both take questions.

The team has indicated Polian doesn’t want to talk about Peyton Manning’s contract status or the labor issue.

I think Polian could make that clear in 10 seconds and then offer 14:50 of quality conversation. It's disappointing he and the team have decided otherwise.