Williamson wants to see more from CJ

INDIANAPOLIS -- Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. sees plenty of room for improvement out of Chris Johnson for the Titans in 2011.

You’ll find his piece here.

One thing he hopes to see is Johnson more involved in the passing game, an outlet that could surely benefit whoever is playing quarterback for the Titans.

"If it is Kerry Collins or an early-draft-pick rookie behind center, using a dynamic safety-valve receiving threat such as Johnson could make the quarterback's job much easier -- and maturation more rapid, in the case of a rookie QB. Further developing and using Johnson's pass-catching skills should be a high priority for [Mike] Munchak and company. But Johnson needs to pay more attention to his blitz pickup and pass-blocking as a whole to further develop into the all-around threat that he can be."

Williamson’s assessment of the Titans' interior offensive line and fullback Ahmard Hall from last season are harsh.

Munchak has indicated he expects the interior issues to be solved with the group that played last season, left guard Leroy Harris (who's not under contract for 2011), center Eugene Amano and right guard Jake Scott. Hall is also not under contract, but is a smart guy and hard worker I’d expect to be resigned and bounce back in a strong way.

The Titans will remain a run-centric team. Johnson needs to find his balance -- combining the break-away threat ability with an instinct for taking what’s there when a home run can't be hit. He can also do better fitting into a team concept rather than making declarations about running for 2,500 yards that make him seem somewhat self-absorbed.

He’s the team’s most dangerous weapon. He’ll be featured. And the Titans will have a chance to be a better team if they get a guy determined to play efficiently.