Top safety Moore confident, entertaining

INDIANAPOLIS -- According draft-expert types, it’s a bad year to need a young safety.

It’s not a deep pool and there is no clear-cut first-rounder.

Scouts Inc. has Rahim Moore of UCLA as the top guy at the position, 31st overall.

“I believe I have first-round talent, I believe that I’m special,” Moore said Sunday at the combine. “… But you know what? I can’t be the judge. It’s all about that one team that will fall in love with me. Hopefully on draft day I am in the first round and my dream comes true."

Maybe he climbs to be No. 16-worthy for Jacksonville. He was asked about Houston, which drafts 11th, and he said he hopes to talk to the Texans because he knows they have a need at the position. Going to Baltimore and playing with Ed Reed “would be like going to heaven,” he said.

If he does last to the late first or the top of the second round, I’d love to see the Texans or Jags one of those teams move up to get him. I’ve written time and time against that it’s embarrassing that two teams who face Peyton Manning twice a season can be so woefully stocked at safety.

While Moore talked of his versatility and willingness to move to cornerback if asked, he said his favorite work is probably playing the deep middle.

“The thing I bring is the hard work and dedication,” he said. “If a team drafts me, they won’t have to worry about the safety position for the next 10 to 12 years. I believe that I am special, and I mean that in the most humbled way. I’m going to be a guy, I’m going to get in early, I’m going to leave late. I’m going to put in similar hours, maybe more, than the coaching staff.”