Nothing imminent between Colts, Manning

INDIANAPOLIS -- A Peyton Manning contract before the expiration for the CBA is looking unlikely.

Agent Tom Condon agreed with Bill Polian in saying nothing is imminent.

It’s not a huge surprise that they won’t be able to close the deal before the current agreement between the players and the league expires, throwing things into uncertainty and preventing further negotiations until a labor agreement is reached.

Manning is the highest-profile player in the league without a contract for 2011, but the Colts used their franchise tag on him. Under that tag he’d make roughly $23 million in the coming season, but it’s not certain the tags will hold their power in a new labor agreement.

"The players association and the management council have different interpretations about whether you can franchise any player," Condon said. "We really don't know what it means, and the players don't recognize the tag."

Even if they don’t, Manning is going nowhere. Ultimately there will be a new deal that will keep him with the Colts.

"Certainly it would be nice to have it done by then," Condon said, referring to the expiration of the CBA. "But I don't think there's any real urgency."