Matt Light's hope flickers on CBA, Patriots

New England Patriots left tackle and union representative Matt Light was a guest on Boston radio station WAAF to share his understanding of the labor saga and discuss his future with the team.

Thanks to ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss for transcribing Light's interview, which you can read more of on his Patriots blog.

Light sounded concerned about the delicate situation the players are in. There are no guarantees union decertification or an NFL-imposed lockout will be averted.

"I think a lot of the issues, we have gotten a little closer on some of these things that we've had a huge gap on earlier," Light said. "That's hopeful. I'm telling guys 'I'm hopeful we can get a deal done.' I really do want to get a deal.

"We have guys right now that are scrambling to get [medical] coverage on COBRA on their insurance plan. They have kids on the way. Their wives are worried about how this is all going to play out. There is so much uncertainty from guys who are in my position -- let alone if you have a contract -- but if you're a free agent, you have nothing set in stone and your family is wondering where you're going to be.

"From that end of it, I hope we get something done, and I hope we get it done soon. The fans deserve it and the game is at a great point. We have a lot riding on this."

Light is an unrestricted free agent. He went to his third Pro Bowl last season, but he'll be 33 years old before next season.

"I hope" to be back, Light said. "If you're fortunate to play somewhere for 10 years, and you're going and looking for another contract, you'd like to finish it somewhere that you have familiarity and you know the people.

"I've been a big fan of this organization and what they've done, but it is a business. I'm very cognizant of that fact and understand that. They have decisions they have to make, and I have decisions I have to make. If we can find a common ground, I'd love to be back."