Could Tiki's torch reignite in AFC West?

Could this unexpected news have an impact on the AFC West?

Tiki Barber is coming out of retirement. He hasn’t played since 2006. His rights are owned by the Giants, but there’s no guarantee the Giants would want him. If Barber becomes free, would a player who hasn’t played in five years and who is a month from turning 36 create interest in the AFC West?

I’d doubt there would be a ton of interest. New Denver coach John Fox spent time on the Giants’ coaching staff and he knows Barber. Fox loves to run the ball and he loves veterans. So, I’d say Denver would be the most logical landing spot for Barber in the AFC West. Yet, I wouldn’t say Barber would be a high priority because of his age and length of inactivity.

And, of course, you can never discount Al Davis when it comes to veterans. Davis loves big names and winners. If Michael Bush leaves as a free agent, Oakland could use a running back.

But again, it all goes back to the fact that Barber hasn’t played in five years. Would anybody really be interested?

UPDATE: Forget about the Giants wanting to keep Barber. The team plans to release him from the reserve/retired list.