Pennington: CBA by June would help game

No surprise here: Chad Pennington is against an 18-game season.

"It's hard enough to last 16," Pennington told South Florida Sun-Sentinel columnist Mike Berardino.

Pennington has played 16 games just twice in his 11-year career with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. He's rehabbing from another season-ending shoulder injury and might not play another down. His contract with the Dolphins is up, but he's still involved as one of the team's alternate union representatives.

With main union rep Ricky Williams not talking, Pennington shared his thoughts on the looming work stoppage.

For the fans not to notice a deteriorated quality on the field, Pennington recommended a new collective bargaining agreement be settled by June so enough organized team activities could take place.

"That way you could have a couple things going on in June," Pennington told Berardino. "Let guys get re-acclimated. We'll wait and see. A little time off's not too bad."

Pennington was otherwise diplomatic in making any comments about negotiations. He would make a fine statesman, and I say that in a complimentary way.

"What I've learned in business, compared to football, is we're so used to making split-second decisions, two-minute drills, things like that," Pennington said. "In business it doesn’t work like that. There's a lot of work and a lot of time. It's probably not going to happen overnight. As long as we have an agreement that's best for both sides and best for the game, I think that's what's most important."