Steelers' Farrior can't wait for Wednesday

Posted by ESPN.com staff

TAMPA, Fla. -- The power and pageantry of the Super Bowl comes to full bloom Sunday, but if it were up to Steelers linebacker James Farrior, the real hype would be for Wednesday.

"Wednesday is the best day," Farrior said. "And tomorrow is going to be the best Wednesday ever."

A little explanation is in order. Seems that dating back to days when current Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was coordinating the offense for the Steelers, his unit would square off against defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau's squad in a little, well, mayhem.

"Every Wednesday we'd have this unscripted session, our defense against our offense, just tee it up," Farrior recalled. "It was so great going against coach Whisenhunt, because they did everything to try to beat you. Pull out all the stops. But the difference is, coach Whisenhunt always thought they could win. Coach LeBeau knew we were going to win. And for winning, I gotta' give it to coach LeBeau."

Farrior says the legacy of Wednesday showdowns continues, something wide receiver Hines Ward confirmed.

"Coach Whisenhunt was great for us, but now he has Pittsburgh West," said Ward, referring to the Cardinals. "So it's up to us to carry on that tradition."