NFL meeting has concluded

NEW ORLEANS -- The NFL owners meeting is over, but the coverage is not.

I’ve got a tape recorder and notebook filled with all sorts of stuff that we’ll sprinkle in over the coming days and weeks as we head toward the draft. You can catch up on the changes in rules on kickoffs and instant replay in this John Clayton story and you can keep following the labor saga over on our news side.

One other item of interest that came out of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s wrap-up session is that five teams already have been fined for having contact with their players during the lockout. The league’s taking this rule very seriously and several of you have asked if teams were allowed to give playbooks to players during the lockout. The answer to that had been a little unclear. But Goodell cleared things up by saying that’s not allowed.

One positive clarification he gave was that players drafted by teams will at least be brought in to meet with the local media immediately after the draft.