Tampa Bay Super Bowl bid on hold

NEW ORLEANS -- The NFL labor situation is pushing back a lot of things and Tampa Bay’s expected bid for the 2015 Super Bowl is one of them.

In past years, future Super Bowls sometimes have been awarded at the spring NFL owners meeting, like the one that concluded Tuesday, or at a lower-profile meeting in May. But the next city to get a Super Bowl will have to wait until the NFL’s fall meeting, which usually is held in October.

Two league officials said the current plan is not to award the 2015 Super Bowl until this year’s fall meeting. Tampa Bay narrowly lost out to New York last year in the bid for the 2014 Super Bowl, and many assumed that made the region the automatic favorite for the next available game.

I’m thinking that probably is still the case and it’s just going to take a bit longer to happen. The nasty winter weather that impacted the Dallas area during this year’s Super Bowl week probably made Tampa Bay’s climate look better than ever. The next two Super Bowls are scheduled for Indianapolis and New Orleans.