Draft watch: What not to pick

With the draft fast approaching, we’ve talked a lot about needs.

So I thought we’d take a second to talk about non-needs.

What’s the one spot where each team in the AFC South doesn’t really need help? A spot where they could see a great player early and think, “Our best move here is to trade down?”

Anything goes in the later rounds, of course. See a value at a spot where you’re loaded and you’re more likely to take a chance on him anyway.

Here are my preliminary thoughts, which I may revise with a second post depending on the commentary you offer.

Houston Texans -- Tight end

The Texans re-signed Owen Daniels, have gotten a good contribution from Joel Dreessen, and in the last two years have drafted Anthony Hill, James Casey and Garrett Graham. A late-round project would have a tough time even making the practice squad. I’d think the Texans would be better served looking virtually anywhere else.

Indianapolis Colts -- Quarterback

The question comes consistently to the AFC South mailbag: Is it time for the Colts to draft Manning’s eventual successor and to upgrade in case he gets hurt? The answer to the first part is a definite no. Manning will play long enough that a 2010 draft pick could be a free agent by the time the team had a need. And philosophically they just aren’t worried about Manning going down.

Jacksonville Jaguars -- Running back

I don’t know that Rashad Jennings and Deji Karim are locks as productive second- and third-options behind workhorse running back Maurice Jones-Drew. But with fullback Greg Jones also capable of carrying the ball, it would seem the Jaguars don’t need help at the spot, especially given the help they can use at so many other spots.

Tennessee Titans -- Cornerback

This is a stretch. The Titans have a good young group of corners, but they certainly could benefit from a big-time addition and can upgrade the group and the depth. But the only other spot I considered was offensive line, where new coach Mike Munchak is happier with the interior than most observers. I expect the Titans will likely draft at both spots, at least for depth.