Could Qwest give way to 'The Clink'?

Just about every NFL stadium has its price.

Back in 2004, the Seattle Seahawks sold naming rights for Seahawks Stadium to Qwest Communications, and Qwest Field was born. A corporate merger is putting an end to the Qwest brand, and Qwest Field could become CenturyLink Field in the very near future.

"Qwest" sounds so much crisper and cleaner than "CenturyLink" for a stadium name. If the change goes through, what is a Seahawks fan to do?

The best suggestion I've heard so far comes from Nick via Twitter: "If the name does change, we need to refer to it as 'The Clink'. Pass it on, Mike."

Consider it passed on.

"The Clink" has potential. Imagine the treatment an opposing player with legal troubles would encounter.

Your thoughts?