'The Brady 6' recounts tale of defiance

If the Cleveland Browns could make the 183rd pick of the 2000 draft all over again, then I'm fairly certain when they wouldn't have taken Spergon Wynn.

Fifteen picks later, the New England Patriots took a shot on Tom Brady. It happened to work out.

Brady was the seventh quarterback drafted that year. As part of ESPN's "Year of the Quarterback" campaign, NFL Films will look back on the ones who came off the board before him. "The Brady 6" will debut April 12.

To refresh your memory, the quarterbacks taken ahead of Brady were:

Not exactly a loaded draft class. Only one quarterback went in the first two rounds. Pennington can be justified a success at No. 18, especially if you project how effective he would have been if not for injuries. Bulger, a two-time Pro Bowler, was a sixth-round steal.

But to compare, ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said as many as seven quarterbacks could be selected in the first two rounds this year.

"The Brady 6" trailer shows analysts recounting Brady's pre-draft scouting report: poor build, too skinny, lacks strength, gets knocked down too easily.

"That kinda gets me fired up," Brady says. "What the hell do these people know?"